Thermal Sprayed Electrostatic Chuck Design and Manufacturing

Electrostatic Chucks

FM Industries employs a dedicated R&D and engineering staff that is committed to providing each customer with individualized service and design to produce an electrostatic chuck (ESC) that suits their application. Our engineers work cooperatively with customers to provide an optimized total ESC solution for improved tool performance.  Our proprietary manufacturing process enables FMI to fabricate ESC’s from 100mm to 450mm with customer specified geometries. All ESC’s feature high clamping forces, quick chuck and de-chuck times, and anti-arc design for high bias applications.

Our advanced technology gives customers clamping capability of a wide variety of materials that are not only conductive but also dielectric such as Glass and Sapphire.  All ESC’s are tested to fully meet customer specifications.

The table below outlines the capabilities of our ESCs. To  learn more about our electrostatic chuck fabrication services, please feel free to contact us directly for additional information.

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Thermal Sprayed Electrostatic Chuck Design and Manufacturing Capabilities

Size & Geometry 100mm-450mm; Custom design base plate
Material Anodize Aluminum, Alumina, DLC, Yttria, Stabilized Zirconia, Hybrid
Electrode Designs Monopole, Bipole, Multi-pole, Interdigitated
Geometric Tolerances Flat and parallel .0002 - .0004 inch 
Surface Finish Wafer clamping surface 2µ inch 
Surface Patterning Custom mesa pattern to fit performance requirement
Inspection & Performance Testing Dimensional accuracy, Electrical performance,
Backside gas leak, Vacuum integrity
Analysis Capability Thermal & Electrical Analysis, ESC Performance
Characterization, SEM & EDX
Computational analysis using FEM & CFD
Quality Control & Efficiency Statistical Process Control
Process Of Record (POR)
ISO 9001:2008, Six Sigma Certification
Lean Manufacturing
Production Volume Single Prototype to High Volume
Rapid Prototype for Quick Turnaround
Delivery/Turnaround Time 6 weeks and up for production parts


Additional Information

Industry Focus
Tool Manufacturers
Etch Process
Ion Implantation
Dielectric Substrates (LED and Solar Applications)
Industry Standards Compliant to Major OEM Specifications
  • Quality
  • Packaging
  • Performance
  • Cleanliness
File Formats
Available to import most software.

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