Hard Anodizing of High Purity Alloys for the Semiconductor Industry

Hard Anodizing of High Purity AlloysFM Industries, Inc. has extensive experience handling projects for the semiconductor industry, this is why this client came to us for automated hard anodizing of high purity alloys. Our state-of-the-art hard anodizing process is fully automated and offers controls on over 28 operating parameters.

To begin the anodizing process, the surface was prepared to customer specifications. Sealing surfaces were polished to < 16 min Ra. To increase corrosion resistance, this 6000 series high purity alloy were anodized with a next generation multi-mixed acid electrolyte. Our automated process collects up to 60,000 data points per run in real time and we custom engineer to meet the specific needs of the customer.

For more information on this hard anodizing project, including detailed specifications, please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Hard Anodizing of High Purity Alloys Project Highlights

Product Description Automated Semiconductor Hard Anodize
Hard Anodizing Capabilities Applied/Processes Multi-Mixed Acid
Features Customized hard tooling, high capacity throughput
8+ hours of resistance to HCL
High dielectric resistance
Collects up to 60,000 data points per run in real time
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part -
Overall Part Dimensions -
Tightest Tolerances Oxides up to 4 mils
Material Used 6000 series,  high purity specialty alloys
Material Finish Ra Surface polishing to < 16 min Ra
Color: Black, Grey
In process testing/inspection performed -
Industry for Use Semiconductor Industry
Volume High capacity
Delivery/Turnaround Time Simple rack and run applications in as few as 1-2 days
Delivery Location -
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name Automated Semiconductor Hard Anodize


Parameter Standard
Oxalic Acid Next Generation
Material 6061-T6 6061-T6 6061-T6 6061-T6
Type of Electrolyte Standard
Sulfuric Bath
OxalicAcid Multi-Mixed Acid
Tested Anodize Thickness (mils) 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.5
Surface Finish (pin Ra) 32 20-25 20-25 -20
5% HCI Bubble Resistance (Hours) 2.0-2.5 6-8 4.0 >6
Voltage Breakdown (VImil) 600- 640 1220 1000 >1100
Color- L*, a*,b* L*=29, a*=-0.03, b*=+0.78 L*=29, a*=+0.18, b*=+3.2 L*=61, a*=-
0.35, b*=+11.9
L*=29, a*=+0.1, b*=+3.0
Appearance Black Dark Brown
to Black
Bronze Grey-Black
Admittance {J.lS) 23 < 10 <10 < 10
Crazing Line Width (microns) < 1.5 0.77-1.5 <1.5 None
Hardness (VHN) 360 435   450
Electrochemical impedance (Ohms) 6.35E+07 3.90E+08   1.00E+09
Chemical Compoatlon        
0 65.33 64.20   65.00
AI 31.36 32.20   31.00
s 3.12 3.30   3.10
K 0.10 ND   ND
Cu ND 0.27   ND
Qualification Lam AMAT AMAT None
Product Application Majority of
Lam Products
developed for
Sigma, and
200 and
300MM OViso Chucks (AMAT)
Lam Coated
Development Status In Production In Production Developed
with no

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