Prototype Services

Prototype Services

For over 20 years, FM Industries, Inc. has been providing customers with the most effective prototyping services available. With a focus on exceptional quality and fast results, we at FMI are committed to excellence in every way. Our dedicated prototype team produces highly complex and critical components and assemblies for the semiconductor industry. We consistently exceed our customers' expectations by meeting their speed to market requirements and maintaining the highest quality standards.

Our new product development capabilities include the most technologically advanced machinery on the market today. We have a variety of CNC machines and the ability to use true 5 axis machining and 3D modeling capabilities. Our machinery is supported by the most advanced, up to date, CAD CAM packages on the market. Our programmers receive ongoing training to ensure optimum utilization of our software/hardware capabilities. In addition we transition prototype parts seamlessly to the production environment as all prototype machines are mirrored in the production department.

If our team is involved at the early stages of product design, we provide manufacturability solutions to reduce costs and enhance ease of manufacturing. Our team members average 20+ years of experience and have developed parts using information ranging from hand sketches to fully engineered 3D models.

We work with a variety of materials ranging from high performance plastics to all types of metal. We have the ability to work with large parts up to a 45 inch cube or consistently maintain tolerances down to .0002 of an inch. Our seasoned journeymen technicians take pride in every part they manufacture and subject every product to a full series of quality steps. All parts are operator inspected multiple times before they get to our Quality Assurance department to guarantee our customers get the part they expect...every time!

With additional services available and the fastest lead times around, FMI can provide the perfect solution to your prototyping needs along with the seamless transfer into a production environment.

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Prototype Services Capabilities

General Capabilities
Machined Components
3D Models
Research & Development
Vertically Integrated
Design for Manufacturability
Concurrent Engineering
Prototype Method
5 Axis Machining
Prototyped Product Semiconductor Processing Equipment
Complex Components
Aluminum (Forged, Cast)
Stainless Steel
Forged Aluminum
Cast Aluminum
High Performance Plastics
Additional Services Provided
Bill of Materials
Subset Supplier Management
Weld Integrity
Helium Leak Check
Hydrostatic Test
Maximum Length 45 in
Maximum Width 45 in
Maximum Height 45 in
Tolerance (+/-) .0002 in
Production Volume Prototype to Short Run
Lead Time Rapid Prototype Development


Additional Information

Industry Focus Semiconductor
Industry Standards ISO 9001:2008
ISO 14000
Six Sigma Certification - Green Belt
Lights Out Manufacturing
Lean Manufacturing
File Formats AutoCAD Inventor (3D)

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