Machining of Critical Components

Machining of Critical ComponentsYears of planning and strategic equipment selection have provided the foundation for FM Industries, Inc., to offer flexible, state of the art machining services to meet the most demanding customer requirements. With over 65 CNC milling machines and 40 CNC lathes located in multiple manufacturing locations, FM Industries provides scalable manufacturing solutions from development to volume production. With capabilities ranging from dedicated manufacturing cells to high speed horizontal flexible manufacturing systems, our goal is to provide high quality, repeatable, cost competitive machining services to our customers.

Providing critical, complex machined components in a high mix/medium volume environment is our area of expertise. The combination of the latest technology in machining centers, industry leading CAM programming software, high speed metal removal techniques and strict process control set FM Industries apart from our competition. In house fixture and tooling development, extensive process design and partnering with our customers in Design for Manufacturability activities early in the prototype development stage drive out unnecessary cost and provide a path to reduced manufacturing costs.

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Machining of Critical Components Highlights

Product Description Complex, Critical Components such as Process Chambers, Load Lock Chambers, Showerheads, Gas Distribution Plates, Electrostatic Chucks.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Multi Pallet Horizontal Flexible Manufacturing Systems, 5–Axis CNC Milling, Horizontal CNC Milling, Vertical CNC Milling, CNC Turning.
Benefits/ Features Multi-piece assemblies – Brazed, Electron Beam Welded, Tig Welded, shrink fit. Design to accommodate critical secondary process – Anodize, Nickel Plating, Coating. Strict process control for repeatable manufacturing and product repeatability.
Overall Part Dimensions Milling - Maximum diameter of 49.21” x 49.21” tall or 34.79” square x 49.21” tall. Turning up to 25.5” x 40” long.
Tightest Tolerances

Typical Tolerances: ± 0.0005" depending on part geometry and size

Material Used

Aluminum (6061, 7075, Cast, Forged), High Performance Plastics (Vespel, Peek, Ultem, Teflon, Rexolite), Stainless Steel (300 series, 400 series, 17-4), Titanium.

Material Finish Machined Surface finishes to 12 RA
Volume Capability to handle low volume, single piece development to full lights out production.
Packaging Packaging designed to prevent shipping damage and meet end customer special requirements such as cleanroom applications.
Delivery/Turnaround Time Always focused on meeting critical customer need by dates, depending on part complexity. Average order delivery time is 3 weeks
Delivery Location


Standards Met ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14000, SSQA, ANSI, ASME
Customer Specific Requirements and Standards
Customer provided print requirements, 3D Model standards.

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