Custom Thermal Spray Coating Services

Custom Thermal Spray Coating ServicesFSPSSM Thermal Spray Coating Services have a proven track record in meeting the most difficult and complex coating challenges. Our expert chemical, mechanical, and material sciences engineering staff routinely manage complex application development projects and custom coating R&D requests.  Our most common substrate is aluminum, both anodized and bare, but we also have experience with a variety of other materials. Standard coatings include Yttria, Alumina, and Cophase Oxides. We can also create custom blended coatings to fit specific application needs.

Substrates are prepared for coating by our proprietary robotic surface texturing process and a precision “pre-coat” cleaning. Our coatings feature low plasma erosion rates, high corrosion resistance, high service temperature, high dielectric strength, and low porosity. Quality control parameters include hardness, porosity, micro structural analysis, and adhesion.

We have a fully equipped Research and Development laboratory that is actively working on “next generation” coatings and materials for 20nm technology and beyond.

FMI is dedicated to the semiconductor industry and has met the challenge of stringent trace metal and particle requirements. For more information about our thermal spray coating services, please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Semiconductor Thermal Spray Coating Capabilities

Thermal Coating
Metal Oxides
Custom Blending
Cophase Oxide
Custom Materials
Anodized Aluminum
Bare Aluminum
Any Others
Coating Characteristics
Low Plasma Erosion
Corrosion Resistance
High Service Temperature
High Dielectric Strength
Low Porosity
Pre-Coating Preparation
On-Site Precision Cleaning Partner
Robotic Surface Prep
High Purity Grit / Glass
Application Process Spray
Tensile Pull
Full Wet Chemistry
Theoretical Density
Additional Services
Research and Development
Custom Coating Creation
Scanning Electron Microscope
Digital and Optical Microscopy
Load Frame
Prep and Polish Cross Section
Production Volume Single Prototype to High Volume
Rapid Prototype for Quick Turnaround
Typical Lead Time 1 week and up


Additional Information

Industry Focus Semiconductor
Intended Application Conductive and Dielectric Etch
Industry Standards ISO Certified
File Formats SolidWorks

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